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  1. I want to say how happy I am with the breeder I went with. Advanced Standard Poodles. With Denise Gambill Harrison. What a wonderful lady to work with. She is so easy to talk to and answers all my questions and also let me FaceTime with her to see the pups in action. I never once. Not one time felt like I was making a bad decision. We got our first girl Fancy (6 months old now) at Crockett Doodles and have to say the whole experience was shrouded in secrets and uncertainty. Fancy was super thin and had a lot of stomach and bowel issues. Lots of vet appts. Will NEVER get another from them. I would highly recommend Advanced Standard Poodles. I seriously can not say enough good about Denise. My little boy ( 10 weeks now) is as healthy as they come. The vet was really impressed. I love my two sheepies. I don’t know how I came across this breed but God must have had a hand in it. I have never felt so much love. You f your looking for one. Please contact Denise. She has 5 left. You won’t regret it!!!
    Cindy L Van Vuren-Dardis

  2. Beth Green Galyan Absolutely agree…we got our standard poodle Stella from her 4 yrs ago and when I do get another standard…it will be from her!

  3. Logann Taylor-Deskins is with Dakota Stokes and Denise Gambill Harrison.
    September 3 at 10:10 PM ·

    Meet the newest member of the Deskins clan! Deac Deskins the sheepadoodle! If you are looking for amazing pups Denise Gambill Harrison and Dakota Stokes know how to do it right! We got Rosie Petals, our standard poodle, from Denise 3 years ago and I never in a million years would have dreamed that we would love her the way we do today. She is truly part of our family and the best dog in the world! Deac is a sheepadoodle and he has the same mom as Rosie, so we knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to be a fantastic pup too. If you are looking to grow your fur family (they have a few sheepadoodles left but mainly stay with standard poodles), reach out to them! You will not be disappointed!

  4. We bought our Goldendoodle from Denise and she is absolutely gorgeous! She has phantoms, merles, party, white, black, gold, blue, you name it! They work with their puppies to ensure they have the best temperaments. The pedigrees look great and the dogs are healthy and beautiful! We are actually going to be buying the 2nd one here soon! I wouldn’t trust any other breeder around. They are very specific on what they feed the puppies, making sure they are very nutritionally fed.

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